Jun 6, 2012

My Paparazzi

Today is Tami's first day in school. Since im her yaya now, i went with her in school and wait hanggang sa matapos sya... Boring as it may seem pero wala akong choice eh, part of being a stay-at-home-mom.

Anyway, last time i accompany hubby in his friend's computer shop in Verdant. I was craving for ice cream so we drop by in Mini Stop and bought this Cheesecake flavored ice cream. It was so good!

While im eating my ice cream outside the computer shop, i didnt know that hubby's behind my back na pala, bigla akong tinawag and took this photo. All the while kala ko nasa loob sya because of downloading the game.

Halata bang gulat na gulat ako? haha

It was around 8pm already kaya madilim na... Ang kulit lang kaya pinost ko to, walang magawa eh..

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