Jun 5, 2012

Vacation at the Hospital :(

Last week, my daughter was confined to Perpetual hospital due to Acute Tonsil Exudative (di ko tanda yung exact name). It started on a Monday when she woke up with a 39 degree fever. Since im in the house with her, i monitored it first and putting cold compress once in a while. Came tuesday her fever did not subside, then wednesday i decided to bring her to her pedia in Perpetual.

After checking all the signs, her pedia showed to me her tonsil and said we need to admit her in the hospital that day so the infection will not go down, heart daw kasi yung unang tatamaan pag di naagapan. We were so worried kasi ang tamlay ng bebe namin at ang taas talaga ng lagnat. Hindi nga ako nakakatulog at night dahil binabantayan ko at baka mag-kumbulsyon (tama ba?).

After that check-up, hubby and I prepared our things for the hospital and by lunch time, we were in ER already. Buti na lang din hubby's schedule is on night shift, he was with us the whole time and he didn't report to work for 3 days to stay with us.

Another thing is, that week was supposed to be our gala in Naga and Camsur, our ticket's date is May 26-28, 2012 but we cancelled it due to some reasons.

Our first day

When we were in ER, hubby was on Tami's side while i was in the Admitting Section. It was so sad dahil walang available na room. Ayoko naman na matagal kami sa ER kaya nakipag-usap talaga ko to give us a private room.

There are 3 classifications of Private Rooms in Perpetual.

Private Room A costs P2,000 - this room was only available to some cases like kidney transplant etc. In short hindi basta-basta binibigay sa ibang pasyente.

Private Room B costs P1,925.00 and Private Room C costs P1,725.00.

After kong makipag-usap at pagmamakaawa.. haha... they let us occupy the newly renovated room exclusively for Kidney Transplant Patient (Private Room A). Their reason that they allowed us in the room is Tami's case is not an infectious disease kaya ayun nakakuha kami ng room. Actually Tami is the first patient to occupy that new room.

Let me show you the room. Though some of the things are not new, ok na rin at least first patient si Tami dun sa room na yun. The room is not that big pero pwede na...

The first thing that you will see when you enter the door.

CR with Hot and Cold shower

Since Day 1, i never left Tami. I brought some of my things kasi dun na rin ako naliligo. When hubby goes back to work, uuwi muna sya sa house to take a bath then go to hospital then will go to work. After office, deretso na ulit sya sa hospital at dun na sya natutulog. Same routine for the whole week.

What i like with this room is medyo high tech na.. Whenever we need a nurse or anything, we just need to press that red button (yung nakalawit na white na parang joystick), then the nurse will go to our room and attend to our needs.


Our Bebe

Being a mother, i was crying whenever i hear my daughter cries. Like nung first day namin, when she was about to have the IV for dextrose, the doctor told me to go outside then 3 doctors including hubby ang naghawak kay tami nung nilagyan na ng dextrose. She was injected twice because aside from the dextrose, meron pang CBC to check at baka Dengue.

On our 4th day in the hospital, Tami was always crying whenever they injected antibiotics in her IV. The resident doctor told that they need to transfer the dextrose in her left hand kasi namamaga na yung right hand nya. Ganun ka-grabe... Again i did not go with them.. I only hear her crying while i am outside the room. Nakakainis pa kasi nagkamali pa daw ng inject kaya inulit ulit. Kairita dba? 

Hay, ang hirap talaga pag bata ang nagkasakit. Tami was confined for 6 days in Perpetual Hospital. Aside sa napakalaking gastos, hindi natin alam kung ano ang pwedeng mangyari so to us Moms we need to take extra care with our kids.


  1. Acute Exudative Tonsilitis? Wawa naman ang baby mo. Yup, this has to be attended to immediately. It can lead to complications sa heart kasi. I have a friend whose son had this last year. 6 months under meds yung bata.

  2. Hi Joiz, Yup yun ang naging findings... thankful na din kami at hindi Dengue at mabuti na lang din hindi pa ganung kalala kaya naagapan pa...