Oct 2, 2010

Do you have Skin Asthma?

Do you have skin asthma?

According to my dermatologist, Skin asthmatics have really very sensitive skins and prone to allergy. Theres really no cure but there are chances to reduce the skin asthma. One is you really need to moisturize your skin using soaps and lotion but you have to use the unscented ones.

Just like asthma, it has also triggering factors. Mine are frequent changing of weather which is obviously cannot be avoided, dust and smoke. There are also foods to avoid but its case to case basis. Like with my case, my skin asthma attacks when the weather changes and when its really hot, i have to avoid chicken, eggs and some seafoods to avoid having itchy skin...

With my very sensitive skin, i only use the following products and you can also try if this is good for your skin.

With soaps, i only use Cetaphil or Oilatum because its really mild and unscented, perfect for sensitive skins... if i dont have skin asthma in some months i only use dove soap. Remember to use the mild and unscented soaps.

For lotion, Aveeno is the best. I tried a lot of lotions just to see whats best for my sensitive skin. I always ask my relatives in US to send me lotions thats good for skin asthma and Aveeno is the best.

I know that having skin asthma means high and pricey maintenance but we dont have a choice but to follow. Try some products and see what really works for your skin.

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