Dec 2, 2009

Affordable Chinese Food? Hop to HAP CHAN

After going to S&R, we look at some restaurant  for our dinner, some suggest in Yellowcab and some in Hap Chan, since its already 9:30pm, we chose the Hap chan, we want here because of the food and we visited this restaurant for a couple of times and we love going back here.

Starting out in 1997 as a small tea house in Manila, and serving only the Filipino-Chinese favorites mami, lugao and dimsum, Hap Chan began franchising its restaurant chain in 1999 through Hap Chan Trading & Management Corporation. Hap Chan Tea House has slowly grown its menu and reach with outlets as far south as Tacloban in central Visayas. A popular stop for dinner fare, its Dakota branch counts among customers standing in queue senators, judges and various public officials holding office nearby. Hap Chan principal shareholder and a cook for the last 30 years, Kwok Man Wah and his team of Hong Kong cooks, continue to study and improve their craft, developing dishes and methods to ensure Hap Chan remains in the forefront of delighting loyal customers.

Hap Chan

We had the complimentary hot tea..

Hot and Sour Soup (P125.00)

They like the soup but not me...I dont know why, i guess the sour taste is too strong for my taste bud.

Yang Chow Rice (P200.00)

All time favorite rice, I love their yang chow among other Chinese restos because their rice is very rich in flavor and not dry. Lots of toppings too..

Patatim with Cuapao (P495.00)

The meat was tender and it is good when paired with cuapao..I love the sauce and we sometimes dip the cuapao in the sauce.

We also order their Mango Taho for P35.00 but i did not try it because im so full already.

All in all, food was really delicious and in huge portion, also worth a penny.

Hap Chan
Real St. Pamplona, Las Piñas City (adjacent to Red Ribbon)
Contact Nos. 874.1111 / 874.2754

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