Apr 12, 2010

Bato Springs in Alaminos

Sorry for the delayed post. I was busy these past few days.. hehe

Last April 4, we had an impromptu decision to go swimming. At first, Hubby and I cannot decide if were going with my in-laws because we came from a friend's house in BF Homes. Its a get-together with some of our college friends and we cannot say no to them. We dont want to be left alone at home so we decided to join kahit walang tulog.

Our plan is to go to Villa Escudero but since it was an impromptu and we cannot do reservation that time. By the way, we leave the house at 9am and we dont have time then to call any resort. My sis-in-law suggested the Bato Springs instead, they've been there when they are young. Im not familiar with Bato Springs thats why i cant interact with them. I cant relate to them when they recall their experience years back.

When we arrived at Bato Springs, i was amazed with the place because according to hubby, it was renovated na from the previous look.

This falls behind hubby is only one of those in the place. Its really amazing how they've made it. The water is so cold and comes from the naturals.. No chlorine and its crystal clear...
Family picture..sayang wala sila Juvy that time...

Tami was really afraid at first but later on enjoyed the water...
Enjoying the water..

I love how the water splashed through my back. Para kang minamasahe.. Also, if youre here and want to experience the falls, it is not advised to wear swimsuits unless its ok with you to have your swimsuit get malfunctioned..haha
Its cold but not ice cold. You should try this natural spring. Well its open to public and they collect just a hundred peso for each pax. Its ok to share it with some people because its running water so youre sure that its really clean.

I really love the experience here but it also saddened me because my digicam got wet and now busted. Huhu..

Bato Springs can be found in Alaminos. Im not really sure of the exact location. They said you will reach this before the Villa Escudero.

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