Apr 20, 2010

Tasting Razon's

Yesterday, i went to SM Center to do some bank errands. I also decided to have my hair rebonded in Going Straight since they have 50% off promo. Thanks to them, it made me hungry and problematic.. hehe ..ill tell later. As i was looking for what food to eat, i saw the newly opened Razon's. I remember when my team-mate was telling me about the food in Razons when they were in Market Market after office hours. I decided to give it a try.

I ordered their specialty: Halo-halo and Pancit Luglug. While waiting for my order, i kept on thinking of what am i going to do and what im going to say to hubby. I withdrew money to our savings for some bills to pay, tami's milk and allowance till our salary. I also asked hubby for an additional amount for the hair rebonding.

After the bank (11:30am), i went to Going straight and have my hair rebonded without asking how much it would cost me. I expect that it will not cost me more than a thousand bucks because its 50% off and i only have shoulder length hair. After long hours of process (more than 5 hours), guess how much my bill was, its freaking P3,418!!!. The staff told me that the promo of 50% comes with a package, that's why i also had footspa and handspa. Heck! what if i dont have enough money then? tsk. tsk..lesson learned - ask before you go.

Now my problem is i dont have enough allowance till my salary. huhu. Hubby's salary is on friday and mine is next tuesday... What am i going to do?....
Then the waiter arrived with the utensils first....its time to pig-out!
Pancit Luglug (PhP 85.00)

Its tasty. It's like pancit malabon but i still like the one in Amber's.
Halo-Halo (PhP 85.00)

Their famous halo-halo. This is expensive. Don't have much ingredients, i only saw leche flan on top, macapuno and some sweet bananas.. i don't know the other ingredients and i think its not worth the price. I like it though...As my cousins says 'wala nman hindi masarap sa akin'...

When i got home and told hubby what happen, he was mad at first but he still accept my apology..Sorry be...

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