Apr 11, 2010

ROYCE Chocolate from Japan

Everytime i had an extra time, i always drop-by in Greenbelt just to buy a bar of Royce chocolate.

What is Royce?

Royce began in 1983 in Sapporo where the crisp climate, sweet waters and clean air make Hokkaido an ideal place for confectionary making.

Due to demand in the early years, ROYCE' began taking orders from customers from outside Hokkaido by telephone. Customers' names and addresses were manually recorded and their orders sent one by one from the factory. That was the beginning of our mail order system.

And when we started to bake cookies, people in the vicinity were drawn over by the fragrance from the factory. So tableswere put in front of the factory and the cookies were sold. That was the beginning of our retail shops.

Over the years ROYCE' has been gradually mastering the techniques to make really good chocolates of world class quality, with total dedication.

Today ROYCE' chocolates are enjoyed by chocolate lovers not just in Japan, but in many other countries around the world.

The fundamental ROYCE principle has always been to use only the highest quality ingredients, at a price that customers can easily afford.

We will continue to make high quality chocolates by observing our fundamental principles, and challenging our creative spirit.

Royce serves different kinds and flavors:

Pure chocolate, Prafeuille Chocolat, Chocolate Wafers, Potatochip Chocolate, Nutty Bar Chocolate, Amande Chocolat, Bar Chocolate, Baton Cookies, Petit Truffle, Marshmallow Chocolate, Coffee Beans Chocolate, Macadamia Chocolate, ROYCE Street, ROYCE Collection Can, Kokutoh Chocolate, Coffee Chocolate, Potechi Crunch Chocolate, Criollo Chocolate, Karintoh Chocolate, Kurumaro Chocolate, Nama Chocolate and the Aroma Collection

This is the store in Greenbelt 5 serving different kinds of Royce...

My favorite among the selections are the Nama, Potatochip and the Bar Chocolate...

I always buy Royce chocolate so i can try all its flavors. Last time i went there, i bought the cheapest one, the Bar chocolate priced at P250.00. Hubby also liked it.

ROYCE Chocolate price ranges from P250 (cheapest one) to P990.00. They also offer the ROYCE Collection Can for the price of P2,100.00.

Where to find ROYCE here?

ROYCE Power Plant                          ROYCE Greenbelt 5                      ROYCE Trinoma
Level 3, Power Plant Mall                       Level 1, Greenbelt 5                         Level 3, Trinoma
Rockwell Center                                      Greenbelt Complex                           (02) 394.5242
(02) 492.5051                                             (02) 489.6946

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