Apr 12, 2010

My Baby

Just wanna share with you the photos of my daughter. Come April 18, 2010, my baby will celebrate her 4th birthday...

This photo was taken (pic above) at the hospital when i gave birth 4 years ago. I delivered her via Ceasarian. It is funny then because I gave birth at exactly 11:59pm of April 18, we were asking my OB if we can make it at April 19 but she didn't allowed it. My tita whose midwife assisted my OB and she was telling me that when i was at the operating room, Hubby was really nervous and he keeps on lighting cigarette outside and was also afraid because when i brought to my room, im chilling because of the anestesia. Im so thankful because hubby was the one who takes care of me. I stayed at the hospital for 4 days.
This shot was taken before her christening. She really is a happy baby.    
Isn't she cute at 1 year old? It was her 1st birthday. We celebrate it at the house with my relatives. We never did the traditional celebration of 1st birthday at Jollibee or Mcdo because according to them, she will not appreciate the party because shes too young.
This picture was taken when she was 2 years old. She also loves going to mall like me. At her 2nd bday, we again celebrate it at our house and invited some of our friends and their kids. Actually, it was hubby wants to celebrate it again because he want his friends to come by and have the inuman session. If i were to choose, id rather not celebrate it every year.

Tami at 3 years old. We celebrate it in White Cove at Laiya, Batangas upon the request of my relatives. They want to go to the beach.

Like what i said, come April 18, we will celebrate again her birthday, but we still don't know what to do. Any suggestion? But before that, i want to greet my baby in advance...

Happy Birthday Tam!

Mama and Papa loves you!

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