May 24, 2010

Proud Cousin!

During our Northpark dinner, i decided to take this picture and show my super intelligent cousins.. hehe.. Oh the Chicken feet that was consumed immediately ordered by Mika....

 From left to right: Mika, Miggy and Mikee

Like what ive said they're one of my intelligent cousins. In our family, i have lots of cousin who is really smart, ako lang yata ang hindi...hehe...nung nagsabog yata ng talino ang Diyos feeling ko nagtago ako somewhere kaya eto ang kinalabasan hehe.. Even with my siblings, the youngest is also intelligent.. I guess street smart lang ako...haha

Meet my cousin Mika who is now on its 3rd year college taking up International Studies at La Salle, Miggy (guy on the center) is now 4th year high school in Philippine Science High School and is topnotch in his school and Mikee (right) is incoming first year high school also in Philippine Science High School. See? that proves that they're intelligent.

One more thing, Miggy (center) took up exams for a scholarship in US and guess what? His score is so high that he can get scholarship at 2 large and known school in US, MIT and Harvard School... Now the question is which school he's going to choose...

Congrats Miggy! We are so proud of you...

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