May 26, 2010

Things to Bring in Boracay...

Two more days and our team will be heading to Boracay...And now i am looking for some things in my closet and choose what to bring in this trip and see what i need to buy on the day before our trip.

 2 Travel bags

I only use my Esprit bag for lightweight clothes in order to avoid heavy or bulk baggage and another small bag for important things to bring like cellphone, psp, wallet etc....

Since we went there for the beach, i have to mix match my new and old swimsuits...

And to cover some of my bulges and my CS operation mark hehe, my must-have for a beach getaway is the swimsuit cover.

Ill bring my new Coach Visor and my old Roxy visor so i can protect my face from the heat of the sun... The MYX shades that i can use with grade.. I dont have any sunglasses because it is very limited for those who have high grade.. Water resistant watch to be updated with the time and of course the towel...

The most important is the Sunblock. The higher the SPF the better..

Things to buy on Friday:

- Sunblock for face
- Clothes 

What else?

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