May 4, 2010

Yogurt nation

Last week, we tried the newly opened Yogurt nation branch near our office here in The Fort. It was the first time that i saw this brand and that time we dont know what to expect inside their store.

Upon entering the place, you'll notice the 3 yogurt machine on the left side and they have 6 different flavors, you can choose what flavor you want and they also have the mixed flavors. We asked the staff on how to order and its self-service:

1. Get the size of the cup that you want.
2. Choose what flavor of the yogurt that you want and pour it in your cup.
3. Go to the toppings table and choose what you want.
4. Fall in line to the cashier and wait for them to weigh your cup with the yogurt and toppings inside, then you will know the amount you're going to pay.

My cup and i chose the strawberry yogurt.

My yogurt and i put lots of toppings (cereals, chocolate cookie, strawberry syrup, almonds, chocolates etc) and this amounted to P179.00... whew! i never thought that this will cost me more than a hundred grand..

In fairness, panalo nman ang lasa ng yogurt.. I love it.

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