Sep 6, 2012

Brunch at Shakey's Times with Hubby

Last Sunday, i went with hubby's 2 agents together with my other buyer for a trip because they're planning of acquiring a property. Hubby also joined so we were full in Innova service. Parang road trip lang.. We started tripping at 8.30am and ends after lunch that makes us really hungry.

We were inviting them for a brunch but refused to join because they have some errands to do so hubby and I went alone to Shakey's. Its been a while since i visited Shakey's and i was wondering what's new until the server inform us of their new offer.


We ordered what is enough for us... mahirap na at baka mapasobra na naman :(

Manager's Choice garden Salad for Me :)

Syempre diet mode ako kaya more on veggies..



This is so good!

Regular all-meat pizza for hubby..

Shakey's once again makes us full... 

I also like the place because there is a place for kids and you can throw a birthday party or just play there. Tami will surely love it when we go there next time.

Posting this makes me hungry :(

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