Sep 8, 2012

FIL's 60th!

Happy 60th Birthday Papa!

Yesterday was the actual 60th birthday of my father in law and we will be celebrating today. Senior Citizen ka na Pa, congrats! hahaha. It will be a busy day for all of us since the party will be here in the house later. We are expecting at least a hundred guests. Whew! 

Of course im not sitting here in front of the computer the whole day, im here to help. I have some errands to do also like getting the tarpaulin to the printing shop and going to office for some updates. Sana matuloy magpa-reserve yung buyer ko later :)

Also, its Mama Mary's birthday today! Time to pray and thank her for all the blessings she showered us.

Ill be back laterz baby! hehe

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