Sep 5, 2012

Trying Ochado in SM Southmall

Last time  that i went to Southmall i saw this newly opened stall named Ochado. I was intrigued and discover  that its a new milk tea place in SM. I was handed a flyer and saw their must-try.

3 flavors of their best-sellers..

Ive known Matcha flavor since i heard of Tea Farm in Ayala Makati and it became one of my favorite together with my friends. The only difference with the Ochado Matcha is the Azuki Beans. 

I bought the Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea to taste and compare when combined with red beans.

Ochado Milk Tea Large (PhP 110.00) 

The tea was good when blended with the Azuki beans or what we call as red beans. The sugar level is at your choice and i recommend the average level.

Milk Tea Flavors

You can try other flavors from their menu and i heard that its all good too.

Visit Ochado's Facebook Page and see their best-sellers and promos :)

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