Sep 12, 2012

One of my Malas Days..

Hubby called me yesterday para mag-gala sa SM. Since wala naman akong ginagawa i agreed and went there before 4pm. I was about to enter the mall when my fitflop strap broke! It was really dissapointing and embarassing at the same time. Haller! nasa mall ako at ang daming nakatingin while im walking :(

My fitflop

Buti na lang din at nasa mall ako, makakabili agad ako and Havaianas was the nearest store. I went there and chose the cheapest one. I texted hubby about it and told me na bakit hindi daw Fitflop na lang ulit binili ko. While waiting i was thinking of some reasons kung bakit nga hindi na lang ulit fitflop ang binili ko..

Of all the reasons, it is more valid to say that i dont have work now and i dont have much budget to splurge on some things that is not so important. Im more practical now. Clap! Clap! Clap!

My new slippers

Sana naman tumagal to..

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