Sep 12, 2012

It's Payday!!!

Its not what you think. I dont have work to expect a salary twice in a month. In the industry where i am now, income is a one time bigtime for every deal that we close with a client and im happy that i earn more here than having an 8-hr job in the corporate world :) Sarap talaga sa sales! Kahit malaki ang kita ko d2 i have to be kuripot na and save more for our future. #practical

Back to topic. Here's what im talking about:

Payday Chocolate

To be honest, its my first time to see this kind of chocolate and its from Nestle and made in USA. Meron pala nito? Bigay lang kasi sakin to.. hehe

The chocolate bar

Just like snickers, this particular bar has caramel and coated with lots of peanuts. Not that sweet but good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Payday pa!!!

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