Sep 7, 2012

Lovin' my Blackberry Bold and Cobo

For almost every other day since Cobo opened, it became my tambayan with cousins, friends over meetings etc... Im really addicted to Milk Tea and Cobo is the closest from our place that serves good milk tea just like Gong Cha, Serenitea and other Tea players.

I tasted almost half of the drinks from the menu and so far im loving all of it. Yesterday was again another tambay mode with Kuya Bing while waiting for hubby. We also talked about our proposed business and im also updating my new BB Bold.  Thanks to my sponsor :)

Well, BB really helped me with my online store and being a Property Consultant i need to be online always (Email, Facebook, BBM etc). Hindi ko na yata kayang mawalan ng BB and im loving this Bold.

Cobo Pressoteas in Roast Oolong

Pressoteas are perfectly brewed and if you love your milk tea na mas matapang ang tea over milk, definitely pressoteas ang katapat nyo.. hehe. We also ordered Fried Kuchai Dumplings and Kuya Bing liked it.

If you drop by this place, dont forget to try their fried siomai and kuchai dumplings because its good. Drinks price range from PhP80 to PhP110 while the fried siomai, sharksfin and kuchai costs PhP49.00.

Cobo is located beside the Mongolian Restaurant near Times. Its free wi-fi too so you'll surely enjoy the place :)

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