Jan 12, 2011

Guess who?

When i went home, i told hubby that his friend commented on our photo in facebook and that he wants to check it and answer the post.

Dinner and kwentuhan.

After our dinner, he checked his account and look for my page, after few minutes he told me that he can't see it. We were checking his account and found out that im not on the list of his friends. Now, i was wondering who the suspect is? I asked my brother to check his account and he said that i was on his list. Checked again his account and found out also that my brother was deleted also in hubby's account.

Our suspect? My 4 year old daughter. Hubby checked again his account and saw that some of his friends was also deleted on his list. Tsk. Tsk.  Pati mga bata nalululong na sa facebook.

I added hubby again...

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