Sep 12, 2011

Papa's Post Bday Celebration...

Last September 7, 2011 was my father-in-law's birthday and we celebrated it in a simple dinner with the family. We also requested a swimming day and yesterday was our schedule in Batangas.

Last Saturday, we stayed in the house because hubby started playing with the new PS3. I cooked for him because Tami and the yayabels were in my in-laws house, they want to sleep over there, mga excited kasi sa swimming. hehe.. I also sleep early pero ng magutom si badz kakalaro ng PS3 (around 10pm), he woke me up and we go outside just to buy food.

We went to Jollibee first and bought Champ and Jolly Hotdog then drop by at Starbucks because i want to try sana the Creme Brulee but i changed my mind and bought Green Tea cream for me and Java Chip venti size for hubby. We slept past 12am so imagine kung ilang hrs lang yung tulog namin tapos swimming na.

Sunday. Juvy's family weren't able to join because she has work so hubby's aunt and uncle together with his cousin joined us in our escapade. We had breakfast first in Tagaytay then headed to Batangas. I love going to swimming not because of the water but because of the food. hehe

We went to our fave resort in Batangas named Abaksa Resort because we want the pool in it and at the same time konti lang lagi ang tao.

Photos yesterday:

Kids and the yayabels..

Tami and Sean

Our daughter

I love the kiddie pool in Abaksa because of the playground in the pool and at the same time it is not scary to leave the kids there kasi mababaw lang talaga, there are also lifeguards around the area.

My daughter was so brave to stay on the other kiddie pool. Feeling nya masyado na syang big girl for the playground so she stays on the other pool...

Hubby and I stayed in the adult pool. Abaksa resort consists of 2 kiddie pools and 2 adult pools, both have slides..

Gusto daw nya may solo pic sya..

Kape't gatas...

The only family pic...

Last but not the least.

My 5 yrs old daughter enjoying the day...

How was your weekend peeps?

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