Sep 27, 2011

Typhoon Pedring hits Manila!

While in the office, someone send this to our email and i was worried of what's happening outside. As much as i want to go home, we cannot leave the office because it business as usual for us, we have nothing to do but wait till our sked ends.

And this photos scares me!
(If you see these photos in some sites, please do tell me what site it is so i can put the credits on the photo)


I think it is the bay side area of MOA.

Roxas Boulevard area... Grabe yung splash ng tubig.

US embassy along Roxas Boulevard..

Accdg to the news, it is leg-high water.

Near the Sofitel...

Edsa southbound area near the Manila Heritage Hotel..

This is where we pass by everyday going home. Buti na lang sinundo si Ayen ng Dad nya and i was able to have a free ride going home kasi for sure traffic to.. Thanks Ayen and to your dad. 

Be safe everyone and don't forget to pray...

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