Sep 19, 2011

Unexpected Expenses on a Saturday

Last week, one of the staff of the developer called me because hubby needs to sign papers and pay for the additional labor cost because of our request which is transferring the stairs to another corner of the house for extension purposes.

Saturday came and hubby was not available because he needs to report and has lots of work to do in his office. I called Engr if its ok if im the one who sign the papers kahit si hubby ang buyer. Since im the wife, they allow me to go so i went to the office alone after lunch. Before going there, i drop by at Goldilocks to buy something to munch on while on the developer's office and the construction site.

Choco slice and my fave Polvoron Classic

After signing the papers, Engr. Albie accompany me on the site and im happy to announce that its on 40% construction. We talked about it and he said it was estimated to be finished late November then will wait for the Pag-ibig approval before the turn-over. 

With the timeframe that Engineer gave me for sure matagal pa kami makakalipat kasi given that it will be finish by Late November, i estimated the turn-over to be January (**cross-finger na maturn-over agad**). Once turned-over, the extension of the house will start and we will wait another 2 to 3 months... Hay..

During the site visitation, i called hubby about the updates of the construction and we decided to meet at SM Southmall.

With no new restaurants in Southmall, we dont know where to eat then and after going around twice we finally chose Kenny Rogers for our early dinner. Dinner on my next post.

After eating, we went around because it was sale to some boutique. Matagal na rin akong hindi nakakapunta ng mall because of our tipid mode kaya before going home, umikot muna kami, there are some newly opened store that we find nice and one of it was the F&X store.

Items from F&X Store

There are cute stuffs that can be found in F&X store.. Lots and lots of disney, smurfs and other character. I also saw this corner with lots of Hello Kitty clothes. Im sure Tami will love this store because she's a hello kitty fan. I like the tutu and pink shorts but we never bought any because of the sizes.. We also bought loots for us.

After roaming around, we went home and drop by at SM Center to buy Jollibee for Tami and the yayabels.

Spaghetti Kiddie Meal for Tami
3 burgers and 3 peach mango pie

Secret Wings toy from Jollibee Kiddie Meal

Ang cute nung mga toy kaya lang lalong umarte yung anak ko, with this particular toy it comes with fancy ring, hair accessories etc. Feel na feel ng anak ko ang kaartehan.

The loots from Sale:

2 blouse from ForMe and Bench 
Mossimo for hubby..

Yesterday, i ask the yayabel to wash the yellow blouse from ForMe because im planning to wear it today. When i saw the blouse in hanger outside, humawa yung blue design sa damit.. Nkakainis.

Kita mo yung humawa na blue sa paligid nung design? Kainis dba?

How's your weekend?

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