Sep 6, 2011

BPI Real Thrills: Chowking

My family benefited a lot from bank freebies especially with BDO from my deposits, investments and credit card and now that hubby has BPI, we will now enjoy the BPI Real Thrills because we always use our card in doing grocery because of the freebies and points.

Last Saturday, i told hubby to claim the free Chowking meal because the last time that they had promo, hindi namin na-avail yung freebies because we dont have time hanggang sa lumabo na yung charge slip. Now that were on tipid mode, why not claim the free food from Chowking instead of eating to some fancy restaurant, dba?

When we were in Chowking, i handed the 5 charge slips together with the receipts to the cashier but unfortunately 3 of them lang yung na-avail namin kasi tapos na pla yung promo.. hehe.. sayang naman. She gave me the choices kasi hindi ko naman alam kung ano yung corresponding meal sa amount nung charge slip.

Chowking-BPI Real Thrills Choices

Buti na lang hindi namin sinama yung mga yayabels kasi tatlo lang pala ma-claim namin. Kung ano pa yung malaking amount sa charge slip, yun pa yung nasayang. Instead of take-out food, dun na lang namin kinain since tatlo lang naman kami. I texted the yayabels na kumain na sila kasi sa labas na kami kakain :(

So while waiting for our orders, Tami and i went to Puregold Jr to buy some toiletries for our home. We went back and hubby is eating already.

Here's what we claim:

For a P3,000++ receipt, i claimed the Chorizo Chaofan + 2 siomai..

The chaofan is for me. Not that good.

For the P5,000++ receipt, hubby chose the Orange chicken lauriat plus the halo-halo (not in pic)

And for another P2,000++ receipt, Tami wants noodles so i ordered the Chicken noodles for her with 2 siomai also.

Of all the food that we had, si Hubby lang ang naubos ang food, di ko naman type yung chaofan. Tami didnt finish her noodles also. I dont know pero baka wala lang kami sa mood kumain ng Chowking that time. But were still thankful because it was free! 

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