Sep 1, 2011

"BER" months na!

The mood turns to a happy mood whenever we hear the "BER" months because it only means one thing, Christmas! Aside from my birthday, christmas is also my favorite season because of the parties, gift-giving and reunion with my loved ones.

And this season makes me so busy looking for gifts to give and gifts that i want. hehe. Pero mukang magtatago ako ngaun kasi this last quarter of the year will be the construction of the extension of our future abode and for sure magastos yun but we'll see, iba pa rin ang christmas..

My cousin from the States is now asking me what she's going to buy for tami. Dont worry Kit pag wala akong magawa d2 sa house, mag-start na kong maghanap ng bibilin mo including mine haha. (joke)

Now, lets start counting the days till Christmas. Woohoo!

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