Sep 1, 2011

Hosting a Baby Shower Party

One of my friends commented on my post in my FB that she wants to have a baby shower but on a limited budget since her husband is not here and she make tipid for her upcoming delivery. I was too busy with my work, our house and my online raket so i have to seek help from our friend and she's the one who suggest the place, called and pay the reservation in Atos Billiards and Cafe.

Welcoming Baby Jaden..

Hay naku! Kung alam nyo lang ang preparation nito maloloka kayo. Ang tagal bago nakapagdecide ni Buntis because she lives in Bacoor and sobrang delicate ng pagbubuntis nya. Finally after weeks of conversations, she decided to come. Imagine thursday sya nagdecide tapos Saturday na ang party. Kaloka dba?

We had to call, text, and message all our friends just to attend Acquey's baby shower party and also reunion na din for all of us. Parang kami lang ni Kate ang may pa-party. hehe

I've never heard of Atos until Kate mentioned that we can rent the place for a couple of hours. 

Kate called the owner if we can rent the place and start at 3:00pm, Atos schedule starts at 5:00pm until 2:00am kaya lang hindi pwedeng ma-late ng uwi ang buntis, buti na lang Atos allowed us to start at 3pm and Kate pay the reservation fee of PhP 1,000.

We rent the Coffeeoke 2 place and its really cheap compare to others. You have to pay P215 per head for 2 hours (consumable) then P65.00 per hour when you exceed the 2 hrs free but the P65.00 per hour is not consumable.

On the day of the party, super bagyo naman and it keeps on raining. Kate and I were so nervous kasi baka walang pumunta because of the typhoon. Kate had to pick up Acquey on ATC para hindi mahirapan mag-byahe si buntis while I went in the place alone because hubby is still in his office.

The place that we rent is so big for us. Only 11 persons came pero ok lang kasi masaya naman though we didnt maximize the use of videoke and billiards kasi puro kwentuhan, kain at inom lang.



Nakakatuwa to, if you need to call the attention of the waitress you have to press the button ala doorbell so they will go to the room and take your orders.

The menu

Photos from that day:

Before we start the inuman session, all of us ordered food because wala pa kaming lunch that time. I ordered Salisbury Steak Meal for me, Pork Sisig meal for hubby, Bangus meal for Acquey, Calamares etc for our lunch but all of us are dissapointed with the food. 

The only thing that we enjoyed was the Tokwa't Baboy, Nachos, Cheesesticks and fries... the rest fails. I will try other menu in Atos pag nakapunta ulit ako dun.

We stayed in Atos from 3PM to 7PM. Eto yata ang napuntahan ko na shower party na host ang nagbayad. haha... But i enjoyed the time with Acquey. Next time magtatago na ko :) hehe (joke lang)

After Atos and since its too early pa, the boys and me went to BF Resort to continue our inuman session. I was supposed to go home kasi ako lang ang girl pero sinama pa rin nila ko.

The boys

I enjoyed staying with the boys kasi ang kukulit nila. They talk about the happenings during our college days, out of town trips at pati mga kalokohan nila. We stayed there until 10pm. Buti na lang mga galante ang boys and 3 of them including hubby shared on the bill. According to hubby they pay P3700++. Kasi naman ang sarap nung chicken lollipops, naka-5x orders kami nun, 2 orders of spicy buffalo wings, 5 buckets of beer, 1 pitcher of tequila sunrise and pica-pica platter. Mas mura compare to Atos dba?

We enjoyed the day because of our college friends kasi bihira lang talaga kaming magkita-kita because of work and that night they are planning our christmas party and hope that it will push-thru. Sana wag usapang lasing to.

Till next get-together guys!

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