Sep 18, 2011

Kids Swimming..

Sorry for the super duper delay of this post... Wait ko pa kasi yung ibang pics from hubby's cousin kaya ngaun lang. It was an unplanned swimming day for us but since Tami loves to swim we joined hubby's cousin together with their kids in Metropolis condo.

Whenever the kids wants to go swimming on a weekend, instead of going out of town we just tell hubbys cousin that we're going to their condo to go swimming. One of the homeowners privilege is they are allowed to bring members of the family to use the pool area.

The pool area.

The stairs lead to large adult pool and the kids pool is on the side. See Tami and Sarah?

Ang mga yayabels... haha

Her signature pose...

Tami with her second cousins, she's the youngest among the four.

Enjoy na enjoy ang kids lalo na pag swimming. We stayed until 5pm and then we headed home.

Sarah and Tami on our way home.

Thanks Maya for letting us use your privilege. hehe. Till next tym...

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