Jan 19, 2012

Appointment in Dental Focus Southmall

Last Monday, we dont have work because of US holiday (Martin Luther's day) so we took the opportunity to have dental appointment. We went to Southmall as early as 10am so we can be the first patient in Dental Focus.

When we arrived in Southmall, we noticed the huge Chinese tree in the middle of the activity center and some lanterns in preparation for Chinese New Year.

Tami on the Chinese Tree

After taking Tami's photo, we went to Dental Focus. It is one of the accredited dental clinics in our healthcard and i love the place itself and the facilities. I recommend the place kasi super cozy and at the same time high tech ang facilities nila...

And we are the first patient that time.

We were supposed to have our semi-annual teeth cleaning but when they check hubby's teeth, i have to cancel my schedule para may kasama si Tami kasi aside from cleaning hubby's teeth, he has to add pasta (amalgam) sa bagang and they gave me an estimated time of 3 hrs bago matapos yung kay hubby. 

Tami on the other hand will undergo tooth extraction and cleaning. I have to stay on Tami's side kasi baka matakot on her first tooth extraction.

And when they started the work, i sat behind the station.

View from where i sat. Hubby on the left station and Tami is in the right side.

Tami was so brave kasi hindi sya umiyak kahit topical cream lang ang nilagay sa gums nya.

The dentist told me to give Tami an ice cream kasi it helps na mag-stop yung bleeding and the prize for being brave is i let her play in Dave's Funhouse :)

We eat first in Tutti Frutti yogurt.

After eating fro-yo, we went to Dave's Funhouse and leave Tami there then bumalik naman ako sa Dental Focus to read magazines while waiting for hubby :)

Tami on Dave's Funhouse

They started working on hubby's teeth before lunch and ended at 3:00pm. Buti na lang we had our quick lunch at KFC before sila nag-start ng dental session.

Thanks to our Intellicare healthcard kasi wala kaming binayaran :)

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