Jan 17, 2012

Arabela Cafe in Liliw

After doing our first round of footwear hunting and walking in that long street of Liliw, we found ourselves in the corner where Arabela Cafe is located. It was past 1pm then and we decided to eat in Arabela. It was my second time to dine in Arabela and i highly recommend it. They were excited to see this small cafe that offers good food in very affordable price.
When we arrived, the cafe is full so we have to wait outside. Arabela cafe has small space, only a few tables were inside, say 5 to 6 tables only. The ceiling is also low so you have to be very careful if you don't want your head to bump in some lights on the ceiling.

Mga pagod na teh?

We waited for almost 20 mins outside. Buti na lang the food is really worth the wait. The waitress called ur attention after 3 groups of diners leave the place.

We were ushered to this table.

If you will see the place, all the display from that small cafe were obviously from abroad and it looks like the owner of the cafe is a previous chef from a luxury cruise. #guessing


It's not from Arabela. I bought this in Liliw Bakeshop because i want them to try this pastry. Everytime we go to Liliw, we always buy this from the Bakeshop as our take home from Liliw.

While waiting for our orders, we munch on the cake then kwentuhan again. After tasting the pastry, they find it good and thinking of buying some as their take home too. Sa Liliw lang kasi may ganyan :)

Our orders:

Pesto Al Telfono for me (P170.00)

Consists of Penne Pasta in Creamy tomatoes and Kesong Puti. Very yummy!

Beef Lasagna (P95.00 per order)
All of them ordered this one. According to them, its really good and it has lots of mozzarella cheese.

My favorite Latte Arabica 

Would you believe that this tall glass costs only P60.00? Yes its true. 

Large De Luxe Pizza (PhP300.00)

Picture muna before lumafang. hihi

After eating our pastas and munching on the cake, we didn't finish the pizza because we're so full already.

Nagkahiyaan pa sa 2 slices of pizza.

Arabela Cafe didn't dissapoint for the second time. Food are really good that you'll keep coming back whenever you're in Liliw. Sana lang mas lumaki pa yung space to accomodate all. The servers were really attentive and kind. Thumbs up to them **wink**

If you're planning to go in Liliw, don't forget to try Arabela. 

Arabela Bakehouse and Coffee Shop
503 Rizal Street, Liliw, Laguna
Contact Numbers: +6349.5632495 / +63917.204.1447

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