Jan 7, 2012

Sanuk for Kids and New SLing Bag

Remember my best friend Rona who lives in New York for years then marry her boyfriend and settled here? She's a stay at home mom now while her hubby run their business.  Aside from taking care of her son, she also sells goods from the US, this does not make her bored. Gusto ko rin ganun :) 

Before christmas, she texted me that a new package arrived and that she'll reserve a new sling bag for me (alam nyang ugali ko ang nahihiyang tumanggi kaya pwersahan wala na ko nagawa). Kaya ngayon dami ko namang sling bag kasi my cousin also sent me a Nine West Sling Bag.  Being a friend since high school, she already knew my type. I was supposed to go home in Laguna today and will meet our friends but Rona has to go home in Bulacan for some emergency reason. Instead of meeting us, she send the bag na lang thru LBC.

The package arrived yesterday and saw this:

Ralph Lauren Sling Bag

Of course this is not free, as i was saying she's selling goods from the US and gave it to me for only P1,300. Presyong kaibigan daw. Thanks dear!

Aside from the bag, she also send her christmas gift to my daughter, her inaanak:

Sanuk Bumpy Ride Sandals for Kids 

Thanks girl for the Sanuk, Tami used it already here in our house. Pambahay nya daw.

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