Jan 16, 2012

Day Trip in Liliw

Last week in our office, we've been talking of going to Liliw Laguna on a weekend to buy footwear and at the same time makagala na din. It was pushed through last Saturday but before going to Liliw, we went first to our house in Laguna to have our brunch. It was also my sister's birthday and Lola cooked something for us.

With my officemates in our house in Laguna

Liliw Laguna is a mere 30 to 40 minutes drive from our place so we have ample time to stay in our house. After eating brunch and rest for a couple of minutes, we went to Liliw and arrived around 11am. Saturday weather is sunny but we never felt the scorching heat because of the cool wind. I think Liliw is part of the mountain kaya ganun.

Upon arriving, our first stop was the Liliw church. We have to pay a visit in the town's old church and pray, then we took some photos outside.

With some of my travel buddies.

Solo Pic

We started footwear hunting after the picture taking.
Taken in one of the stall.

The footwear stores is located in one of the long street in the town of Liliw, so easy to find but finding a nice pair is not that easy.. hehe. You have to go in every store to check if there's any fab find.

Here are some footwear photos from every stores so if you're planning to go in Liliw, you'll have an idea of what you're going to see. These are only few.

Lots of slippers


Slippers for men


I love this one.

Lots of fab shoes in Entrada

Entrada is the chic outlet in Liliw. Most of people didnt forget to dropby in Entrada because for sure you can find something that you want.

Colorful flats in Entrada

Shoes in Entrada ranges from P200 to 350, you can haggle too :)

My officemates looking for something that will catch their interests.

One of them found something that she want kaya kami wait lang inside the store.

I enjoyed our trip in Liliw. Lots of laughing moments because of my jolly officemates. Sana maulit ulit:)

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