Jan 2, 2012

Officially 2012

After that long night of Dec. 31, 2011, we woke up the next day na kami lang ang tao sa bahay. My sister-in-law together with her family went to Eugene side of the family while my parents-in-law went to the house of my other sister-in-law. The househelps took their day-offs and went to mall.

We celebrated New Year in the house alone. Since we're only three yesterday (Tami and hubby), we didn't do anything but to sleep, watch tv, eat left-over foods from last night's party then ordered Pizza Hut again for our merienda.  You know naman that im not good in cooking kaya order na lang online.

The benefits of ordering online is really hassle-free, no need to go to store and will just wait in the comfort of our own home.

Hubby has Palm Card too so it was additional benefits that day.

We ordered Bacon Cheese Pizza in Regular size and with palm card, we got the free Hawaiian pizza of the same size.

I also ordered Mozzarella Cheese sticks but unfortunately its not available for delivery. Tami wants cheese so instead of looking for other menu, i changed the Pan Pizza to Stuffed crust to have the cheese.

This is what i liked with Pizza Hut. On-time and really hot.

The disadvatage nga lang with the Palm Card is you need to order 1.5 liters Pepsi that will costs more than P100 pesos. 

We're only 3 that time so alam nyo na kung sino ang umubos ng pizza?


Kami lang ni hubby ang umubos. Tami had 3 slices and the rest was for hubby and me. Sa sobrang busog hindi na kami nakakain ng dinner. 

 Borlogs na ang mga patabaing baboy :)

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