Jan 20, 2012

Teaching my Kid to Save

One of the traits that i learned from my parents, grandparents and other relatives is to be patient so when they taught me to save using piggy bank, i learned to wait hanggang sa mapuno yun then the money will go to my bank account or will buy what i want. Would you believe that my very first designer jeans was from my savings?

Short story:

When i was little, i am a Guess Kid... Lahat from tops to jeans etc... When i enter high school, i feel like im old enough for Guess kaya i started buying clothes in Quad (now Glorietta) and my very first designer jeans was a D&G pants that i bought from Linea Italia boutique. It was the exclusive distributor of D&G back then. Tinopak pa ko nun dahil kulang ang pera ko and ayaw dagdagan... But in the end, nabili ko rin :) That's when i started having designer clothes and things...

I also want my daughter to learn on how to save kaya ngayon pa lang tinuturuan ko na.

I requested this Hello Kitty Coinbank during our team christmas party last month and Tami loved it, i think she's motivated to save with her favorite Hello Kitty coinbank. Everytime hubby and i arrived from work, she always ask for some coins and she'll put it in her coinbank.

Last week, i talked to my daughter while she put the coins. Our conversation goes like this:

Me: Pag napuno yan, anong gusto mong gawin natin sa pera mo? Pupunta ulit tayo sa Disneyland?

Tami: Ayoko na sa Disneyland Mama... I want to have birthday party in Mcdo with my classmates.

Me: Ha? I thought you want Disneyland again. Cge mcdo na lang... Pano natin sila invite wala na kayong pasok sa birthday mo.

Tami: Hindi Mama. I asked them sino jo-join sa birthday party ko sa MCDO.

Yun naman pala eh, nag-iinvite na anak ko ng classmates nya ng hindi pa namin alam ang plano nya. Do we have a choice pa ba? Kaloka! January pa lang nag-iinvite na anak ko sa birthday nya na April pa. Kaya pala lahat ng pera nya goes to her coinbank dahil para daw yun sa birthday nya :)

Yesterday, i asked her again about her birthday. I was giving her some choices like sa Jollibee that has Barbie theme and KFC with Spongebob theme which is all her favorite cartoon character but she was consistent with Mcdonalds. I was happy that another trait has developed in her, being consistent.

So the decision has been made. She will be celebrating her 6th birthday in Mcdonalds Las Pinas on April and im currently jotting down all the names of her classmates, relatives on both side of the family especially the kids.

Im posting the things that i need to do for her upcoming birthday:

1. Inquire, choose and reserve the place in Mcdo LasPinas.
2. Collating the names to be invited.
3. Will go to Divisoria to buy Hello Kitty stuff as additional game prizes and for the lootbags.

Will do this after our CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon trip on February.

Any suggestions pa for her 6th birthday?

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