Jan 7, 2012

Looking forward to...

No, im not making New Year's resolutions again. Nagsawa na ko for not making it happen.

There are so many things to look forward to this year and so are changes. Im not younger to act like one. In fact im turning 31 years old come January 29, 2012.

A while ago while in bed getting ready to go up, i was staring above thinking of some things that needs to be done given with the current situation in the call center industry where the US President wants to bring back jobs in their country. It was alarming to those who work in the call center industry and we our one of them (hubby and i both work in American company). Yes we're getting a good pay but im not considering the job to be a stable one so i have to make some decisions before i regret some things. I also have things to look forward to....

1. Furnitures and Fixtures for our House

Im excited to transfer, design and have our privacy to our own house but at the same time have lots of things to buy. You see we're not rich to get all those luxury stuff but considered lucky to be able to buy and get the things that we want. This year, instead of shopping and spending bigtime to clothes, bag and other non-sense things, ill go with the furnitures and fixtures one at a time. Our house is not that big but enough for my family, dugo at pawis ang puhunan namin d2. harhar

Our house is now ready for occupancy but we're still living in Las Pinas because of my daughter's schooling so i have all this year to complete the things for our house. Before i was planning to avail the loan in Pagibig for the house improvement but decided not to push through with the plan because i dont want another debt, Pagibig housing loan is enough. Mahirap na...

2. Investments

With regards to financial planning which i am proud of ourselves for having investments at an early age. My life insurance with Sunlife will be fully paid anytime this year after paying 10 freaking years! After completing my premiums in Sunlife, i decided to open another investment in BDO next month. Its time to diversify my portfolio and add another one. Yihaa!!!

February, please come forward so i can get my 2011 bonus :)

3. Savings

We may not have liquid assets now but i can say we have enough savings to feed my family just in case something happens in the call center industry **knock on wood**. I consider this year to be a tough one so we need actions and save more. Hubby and I talked last night about the news and decided to save more so this time you'll rarely see us in the mall buying stuff that we dont need like extra bags, shoes etc. Less travels also, our CDO travel on February will be our last trip for the mean time. 

I am not sad dahil hindi na ko makakapag-shopping or makakagala and all that but because we have to be wise for our future. We're still thankful for we have everything we need. This 2012, Priorities comes first (settling Pagibig housing loan, investments and savings). After all, there's always a time for everything, in God's plan right? 

So for now, SAVING is the key for my goals. We can do it!

What about you? Do you have plans or goals this 2012? Share naman!

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