Jan 10, 2012

Steak Unlimited in SM Center

Last Sunday, hubby accompany me in SM Center to buy new headset for my ipod nano. Tagal ko na kasing hindi nagagamit so its time to use it again. We went to Games and Gadgets to buy the original Apple Headset but its out of stock so i bought this Phillips headset na lang.

The new headset... Pangit nga lang ng color pero eto na yung medyo ok na nakita namin na headset.

After buying the headset, we look for something to eat and try this Steak Unlimited. With its name and restaurant's facade nakaka-engganyong kumain.

Menu Board

I was looking at the menu board and thinking kung totoo ba yung price, kasi sobrang mura considering its a steak.

Here's our order:

Asparagus Soup

Not that bad kaya lang di ko malasahan yung Asparagus, its more of a mushroom soup. I asked the server kung Asparagus soup ba talaga yun and he nodded.

Our drinks

Beef Salpicao for me

Para lang syang adobo.. hehe

T-Bone Steak for hubby

Its like pork chop with gravy. Pwede na rin. hehe. Choosy pa ba kami eh ang mura ng food dba?

Medyo nakakahiya lang kumain kasi the servers are roaming around and looking at you, joking with each other and there's this one guy na server na nag-tu-toothpick sa harap namin. Grabe kulang sa restaurant etiquette. 

We'll not go back again in Steak Unlimited.

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