Jan 18, 2012

Laguna's Pride: Delicacies and Footwear

Every travel or trip will not be complete if not buying their specialty or what the place has to offer. Laguna has so many things to offer and one of it is delicacies. If you've been in Laguna you know what im talking about but if not, scroll down and see what you can bring home from my hometown.

Part of my plan when we went to Liliw Laguna is to bring home some goodies aside from footwear. Prior to the trip, I already ask my brother to buy us Kesong Puti that we can bring home.

Some of my officemates while waiting for the other buying another set of slippers as pasalubong to her relatives.

Every part of Laguna has some stall offering Laguna delicacies and in Liliw you can find it too.

This stall across the Badong outlet offers all kinds of delicacies made from Laguna. Price ranges from P35 up to P100.

Here are some goodies that i bought from Laguna:


Buko Pie


My fave Puto Seko


Another fave - Broas

And the famous Kesong Puti.

Footwear that i bought:

Flats in Silver

Another flats from Entrada

Ref Magnet

Sa tagal ko sa Laguna, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ref magnet sa Liliw so i bought one for my collection.

Have you tasted any delicacies from Laguna?

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