Jan 2, 2012

Welcoming 2012

This post is photo heavy so ill do photo blog instead. All photos in this post was taken Dec. 31, 2011.

If our christmas is celebrated in my side of the family in Laguna, this time we stayed in my in-laws in welcoming the new year 2012.

Tami with her Hello Kitty Coinbank

I was instructing her to shake her coinbank at 12:00 midnight so we'll be lucky the whole year. Talk about #fengshui.

Ang mag-lolo

Afternoon biking with her Ate Jel.

The bike was given by her lolo and lola before christmas (advance xmas gift).

With all the photos that we took, we forgot to take some photos of the food. Puro kasi busy that time. The dinner starts as early as 6:30pm with hubby's relatives. As usual we had Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, Carbonara etc... Lots of food that night.

Instead of having beer and hard drinks that night we had champagne and white wine.

Grande Champagne and Novellino White Wine

Photos at Night while waiting for the clock to strikes at 12:00 midnight.

Me and my Baby


Tami took this photo.

Marunong ng kumuha ng picture si Tami.

 Photos outside the house at around 11:00pm:

Me, Tami and Jhel

Haidee and her son Sean, Jhel, Me and Tami

Family photo.

Behind us was the street in our village, looks ghost town pero wag ka nung nag-11.30pm naglabasan na ang mga tao pati mga fireworks nila.

Last one family shot.

And the fireworks started:

on our street..

We also had fireworks that night pero yung brother-in-law ko lang ang malakas ang loob magpaputok, kami nood lang sa terrace ng house.



And lastly this one.

Tami was really scared with this one.

We also watched other fireworks because our village had their own fireworks sponsored by the village homeowners.

The night ended after finishing the bottles of champagne and wine.

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