Jan 27, 2010

Club Princess in MOA

As i have said, we went to this outlet to look for a possible souvenir on my niece 7th birthday. And we love taking photos inside the store. Buti na lang they allowed us to take some pictures with their products pero its bawal talaga..

Para hindi nman nkakahiya, we bought an item in this outlet.

This Rainbow Crystal Bead set is priced at P350.00... am i right that this item is so expensive? You can even bought this thing in divisoria maybe for less than a hundred right?

Maybe because it comes from the Club princess that make it so expensive...

Look at this thing, they are the ordinary plastic beads with the string that makes you create a bracelet or a necklace or whatever you like... But for me, its not practical to buy this one...tsk..tsk.. Buti na lang hindi nagturo si tami dun...she just want to sit on the swivel chair in front of the mirror..maybe she wants a makeover? haha...Club Princess has a salon for kids...

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