Feb 21, 2010

Pyromusical Competition at Mall of Asia

Sorry for the late post because i was busy during the past few days. Last Valentines day, hubby and I decided to have dinner at MOA together with our in-laws and also to watch the first Philippine Pyromusical competition. We all leave the house at around 5pm and thinking of an early arrival so we can get a good place for the dinner overlooking the bay and for the Pyro.

All our planned vanished because of the heavy traffic starting from Coastal road to the Mall of Asia. Its like all the people and cars are going to the mall for the Pyromusical competition. Would you believe we arrived at the mall at past 7pm? We thought that we missed the fireworks for the 7pm show but they move the sked to 7.30pm and we decided to watch the fireworks first before the dinner. We parked near the IMAX theather...

The Philippines will host this pyromusical competition and starting feb 14 and every Sunday ending March 14, 2010, two countries will show their exhibition performance. When we were there, we witness the exhibition of the Philippines and Australia. Other countries that will show their performances on the next Sundays are United Kingdom, China, France, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and USA. It will be held at the back of Mall of Asia during 7pm and 8pm. There are also tickets to be purchased but you don't need to buy one because you can watch the show when youre within the vicinity.

The view from our place..

This is the only photos that i took during that day. I noticed that our cam was already lowbat. Hubby told me that Tami used the cam prior the day of the event. Sayang nman but we really enjoyed watching the fireworks above and my daughter was really scary that night.

If you haven't watch the Pyromusical competition, you still have the chance to witness it till March 14. But be prepared for the traffic, go there as early as you can..

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