Feb 13, 2010

Skywalk Experience at Crown Regency Hotel

It is one of my itinerary with my trip to Cebu. Skywalk is located at the 37th flr of Crown Regency Hotel which is the tallest building in Cebu as of now. Despite having the fear of heights, i still tried this amazing adventure.

What to do:
1. Pay the tickets, entrance fees
2. You have to sign the waiver.
3. You will be given locker and you will asked to remove all your jewelries, accessories and the like.
4. You have to fit the clothes (the orange one) and you have to listen to your guide about the safety rules.

With my skywalker buddies after putting the harness. At first, i was sweating, my anticipation rose when we started to go outside the building..But its not really that scary because the glass walkway is wide and you have harness so theres nothing to be afraid of.

We started to walk over a see-through glass and some are shouting just to release tension and nervousness. But all the nervous and tension vanished when we saw the breathtaking view... its really awesome! With all the lights from buildings, houses, coastline...everything!

in our wacky pose

FYI, cameras are not allowed, they have an official photographers assigned for each group and you'll going to buy that in package.

It is more fun when you walk with your friends and with your loved-ones...

Skywalk adventurers with our certificates

After the walk, you will be given a certificate that you survived the Skywalk extreme!

Skywalk - Crown Regency Hotel
located along Osmeña Blvd.
Price: P650.00 inclusive of Adult Buffet
Picture Package: P2,550.00

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