Feb 4, 2010

Silliman University in Dumaguete

Our city tour starts with the Silliman University, the oldest American school in Asia.

You need to secure an ID in order for you to enter the Silliman campus. Just give a valid ID at the guard and they will give you a Siliman visitor's pass.

Right in the heart of Dumaguete City is the internationally recognized Silliman University, established in August 28, 1901 by Protestant missionaries of the Presbyterian Church in the United States with the efforts of Dr. Horace B. Silliman thus making it the first Protestant school founded in the Philippines and the oldest American University in Asia.

Silliman Church

University Seal

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Dr. Horace Silliman

The Silliman founder statue found outside the Siliman hall and facing the Rizal Boulevard

Anthropology Museum

Above the Silliman hall is the Anthropology Museum, you can go inside the museum but you have to pay a small amount for the entrance fee. We never tried to go inside because Ayen's cousin told us that theres a white lady upstair. Creepy! hehe..

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