Feb 5, 2010

Lab-as Restaurant at Dumaguete

After asking Ryan about the restaurants in Dumaguete that serves local dishes. He didn't hesitate to bring us at hayahay. Hayahay became the gimik place of the locals in Dumaguete and one of the famous spot there is the Lab-as Restaurant that serves fresh seafood. Before we went to Dumaguete, i also searched online of where to eat and what to eat in Dumaguete and most of the suggestions that i found is the Lab-as Restaurant. I think hayahay bar and lab-as restaurant has the same owner because they share the same kitchen.

at Hayahay. All restaurants here has a perfect sea view and there are some schedule of band performing here, you just have to choose on where to sit down with friends or your drinking buddy and order some pika-pika. For sure tourists are all enjoying here at hayahay.

Lab-as Restaurant

Lab-as means "fresh" so expect that all your seafood orders are guaranteed fresh. According to them, Lab-as is the best seafood restaurant in Dumaguete up to now.

Here we are at the tree house of hayahay beside the Lab-as restaurant...(L-R) me, ayen and ryan

Lab-as menu

Lumpiang Bangus

Lumpiang bangus was my first order. I was intrigued of its taste kaya umorder kami. I love the crispiness of the lumpia and the taste is superb.

Dumaguete Express

The famous Dumaguete express was one of their specialty and it consists of shrimp, squid, fish sauteed with coconut and topped with crispy lechon kawali. Don't forget to order this because its really delicious, very tasty.. I love it!

Sinigang na hipon

We want a soup  thats why we ordered Sinigang na hipon, what i notice on their menu is that they have 2 sinigangs there. One is the Sinigang Prawn and the other is the Sinigang na hipon, curious that i am, I ask the waiter whats the difference between the two and he said a simple answer to me "Mas malaki po yung hipon nung isa"...hehe oo nga nman..

Avocado shake

Syempre its my favorite fruit kaya yun ang inorder ko..

Lab-as Restaurant serves only fresh and has very affordable price, no wonder all locals in Dumaguete are very proud of this place. I also recommend this place if your having a feast of seafood.

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