Jul 20, 2012

A Challenge to Hubby (E-Cigarette)

It's rainy friday and so cold! I feel lazy to go out but i need to :(

Blog muna :)

When i met hubby 13 years ago he was a chain smoker already, not only that because he is a .........................(secret!) hehe. Anyway, when we got married he's trying to stop smoking, nabawasan yes pero hindi pa rin tumigil.. When my brother bought an e-cigarette last year he was encouraged to buy pero hindi natuloy. From being a chain smoker, naging half pack of cigarette per day na lang sya. That's real improvement for him and this past few months that half pack became 2 to 3 days cigar nya... Some of his officemates bought E-cigarettes and he was encouraged again because he really want to stop smoking.

Yesterday, on his way home from work he called me to get ready and will fetch me to go to SM Center to do some grocery. Before going to hypermarket we drop by in Holy Smoke E-Cigarette kiosk.

 Hubby inquiring in Holy Smoke kiosk

 Lots of Juices... This was the liquid used in E-cigarette. It comes in different flavors... Each bottle costs P240.00

 3 types of E-cigarettes

Left: The yosi-like e-cigarette. This costs P650.00 but the thing is you can use it for 1 day only then lowbatt na.. You have to charge the battery every single day.. Ang hassle dba?

Middle: This is the Ballpen style. This costs P1,500.00. The disadvantage is the coil is not replaceable so i guess its not good. Battery is rechargeable too.

Right: Pipe style. This costs P1,990.00. This is what his officemates are using. They were telling him of the benefits and the coil is replaceable. Battery is rechargeable too and can last up to 3 to 4 days.

We bought the Pipe style. The saleslady was instructing hubby on how to do it. How to put liquid, how to change the coil etc.

Here's the package:

 Holy Smoke E-Cigarette package

 What's inside?

Aside from the pipe, the box has USB charger, adapter and the free 2 cartridges or what we call the coil. According to the lady, the coil will be burned because of constant use and we need to change it after a month or so. If you buy the coil alone it costs P400.00 so good thing that this package has free 2 coils already.

 The free coils

 Hubby's new cigarette

 The liquid to be use in the e-cigar.

Hubby chose the strawberry as the flavor. When the lady put some liquid into the pipe, he let us try it. I was the one who tried and its awesome! Parang candy lang and it really has smoke. Galing!

Now, onto the challenge.

 I bought a new coinbank in SM, what hubby will do is he will put P25.00 per day in this coinbank. Why P25.00? Kasi yun ang price ng half-pack Marlboro cigarette. So we will see kung magkano ang matitipid nya with the E-cigarette. 

The thing is its my own way too to save. Im putting also some money in the coinbank for Tami's savings..

The cost of the E-cigarette package.

P1,990 (Pipe) + 240 (liquid) = P2,240.00

I think this is the best way to stop smoking. Its not that easy but determination will help you achieve your goal. 

Let's help our partners quit smoking.

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