Jul 11, 2012

Killing Time with Nature's Best Peanuts...

 Good Morning guys..

Last night i came home late, i went to this company in Alabang at 3pm and took exams and interviews. Later i will have the final interview then after 2 to 3 days is job offer. The expected training will be on August, tamang-tama lang to enjoy my vacation :) Wishing na makapasa sa final interview and we'll see the job offer after 3 days. Crossing my fingers for higher offer than my previous salary. Its an Australian account doing back-office jobs with 40% outbound calls, i like the company because of its location and at the same time the account is at morning shift :)

Anyway, my interview will be at 4.30pm later.. I told hubby to wait for me near his office so we can go home together. He has his training today from 8am to 6pm and sana matapos agad yung interview ko. For now, i will just kill my time surfing the net and posting here on my blog.

While killing time, i will munch on this:

Do you know this peanuts? Its called Sung-Song in Laguna, hindi ko lang alam kung ganun din ang tawag d2 sa Manila... 

While looking at our pictures in our hard drive, i saw Tami's old photos (see pic below) and i find this cute.. what can you say? Ang taba nya pa d2 dba?

This picture was taken sometime in December in SM Center..

Yun lang hehe... Gusto ko lang ipakita yung picture ni Tami :)

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