Jul 25, 2012

Date with a friend (Shakeys, Serenitea & Tous Les Jours)

The date that my friend and i planned months ago was pushed through last sunday. Ang tagal na kasi nito kaya lang hindi matuloy-tuloy. When she texted me na kung pwede ba daw ako ng Sunday pumayag na ko matuloy lang yung request nya na magkita kami, for old times sake. She will be leaving again for Dubai in a few months and will stay there with her husband and baby for 5 years so matagal-tagal din kaming hindi magkikita.

We met around 3pm and when we saw each other parang hindi kami nag-uusap sa facebook sa dami ng kwento namin about our lives, our friends and reminiscing our college life.

We had our merienda in Shakey's and we continue our chikahan session.  Pag talaga may kasama kang kaibigan hindi mo alam kung ano uunahin nyo, kakain na ba or kwentuhan muna... etc etc... We order Carbonara, Chicken and Pizza and mind you naubos namin lahat yun. hahaha...

This is one of my college friends...

We left Shakey's to transfer place. I brought her to Gong Cha para ma-try nya but the place is full so what we did is we went to Serenitea and check the place. Its also full so we bought na lang our drinks and went to Casa Armas site to see where we can stay..

Our Drinks

Hokkaido for my friend and Okinawa for me :)

My milk tea, bread and my pasalubong to Tami

While going around Starbucks, we saw that Tous Les Jours has vacant seats so we went there and stay. Para hindi naman nakakahiya we bought na rin bread and at the same time cupcakes as pasalubong to my baby.

In Tous Les Jours we talk naman about business.

We left ATC at 9pm. We had really a good laugh last sunday. Hindi maubusan ng kwento kaya nga i love being with friends...

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