Jul 19, 2012

Stackers Burger, ATC

After hubby fetched me in The Spa, we went around the new wing to have merienda. We didn't want to have heavy meal because my mother-in-law cooked something for the visitors. They have relatives in the house and stayed overnight so obviously we have lots of food then. While in the new wing, we visited some stores like Quicksilver, Vans, Scents etc just to compare my Online Store (Tami's E-Shop) price and the mall price... Bad Trip aketch kasi ang laki ng difference.. Hubby was telling me na sobrang mura daw ng benta ko :(

Lesson Learned: Check the price before posting the item :)

Anyway, we were looking for a place on where to chow and since we don't have preference that time we ended in Stackers Burgers. Merienda lang naman kasi. Dapat sa Johnny Rockets kaya lang malayo na sa new wing...

Stackers Burger Menu

Hubby while checking in FB..

Lots of vacant seats...

Condiments and Utensils

Our Late Merienda:

Chocolate Malt (P105.00) for Hubby and Watermelon Delight (P75.00) for me

For a change, hubby ordered the Milk Tea na lasang Sustagen shake haha.. For me naman is the matabang na Watermelon Shake :(

For our food, i asked the waitress and she recommend the Premium Burgers as their bestseller.. Premium burgers according to them is the Auss'm hefty burgers on large buns (Not for the faint of heart) hhhhmmmmmm...

Jack Burger for Hubby (P228.00)

Jack Burger is a craploads of Monterey Jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and crispy bacon strips with tangy ranch dressing. He love bacon and his order is a sure winner to him.

I was supposed to have the Carbonara but hubby said to order burger and he chose this (pic below) for me:

Crazy Deluxe Burger (P245.00)

This burger is a two quarter pound beef patties with lettuce, mayo, tomato, onion bits, double American cheese and grained mustard.

This giant burger is really good but its too much for me so hubby ate my leftover.. hehe

Chicken Fingers (158.00)

Consists of 5 pcs breaded chicken tenders with gravy dip and large fries..

Me and hubby

My half-eaten burger... Kalahati pa lang nakakain ko busog na ko... This humongous burger is really awesome :)

Our pasalubong to our baby

Our day wouldn't be complete without bringing something home for our baby and burger is one of her favorite so we ordered one classic burger for her. The fries that we haven't eaten was taken home too.

Next time i wanna try the Stackers Waffle... mukang masarap eh...

Stackers burger is located in the ground floor of the new wing in Alabang Town Center..

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