Jul 18, 2012

The Spa in Alabang Town Center

Yesterday, i went to Healthway in Alabang Town Center for my medical and decided to use my The Spa gift certificate that my cousin gave me on my last birthday (January 2012). I texted hubby about it and said he will follow na lang in ATC after his office. I was happy then because im going to have a massage in The Spa :)

The Gift Certificate

Days before, i called The Spa and inquire about my GC and reserved for an appointment. Since im not fond of having manicure, i upgraded the GC to a Footspa and add a few bucks..

The GC does not include the use of the wet floor amenities. In order for you to use the wet amenities, you have to avail at least a service that costs P750.00 and up and from the list pinakamura ko yatang nakita is yung Hilot from the massage and costs P1,200++.

Syempre im a fan of steam baths, jacuzzi and saunas kaya nag-avail ako ng bonggang hilot... haha

Im always excited whenever i go to spas :)

I talked with the customer service and they are very kind to customers, kahit mukang jologs very accomodating pa rin sila :) Thats what you call "no discrimination".

Before going inside, i signed a waiver and pay. They accompany me inside the spa and wrote my name in another sheet that has "Massage Schedule" on top..

I was given a rubber slippers, a robe and a towel that i can use in the wet area..

Of course, the locker key where i can put my belongings..

Taken inside the changing room. This was the last photo taken because cellphone and cameras are not allowed inside.. Payat ko na no? hehe

After changing, i went directly to wet area at sinulit ko ng bongga ang steam bath and jacuzzi.. 

Note: You have to bring your swimsuit or you can wear bra and panty while in Jacuzzi or else you go naked :) 

Since its a weekday and i went there around 2pm, sobrang konti pa lang ng tao pero after mga 5pm ang dami na and i saw a lot of foreigners naked in Jacuzzi.. Don't worry because im only naked in Steam bath room. (Hubby will get mad when he learn about this..) hehe

After my stay in wet facilities, i waited for my turn in the massage area lobby. I had my footspa first. All the service was really superb! Ang sarap ngang tumira dun.. Kung marami lang akong pera, weekly siguro andun ako... hehe

I ended past 5pm and hubby is waiting outside for almost 1 hour na daw.. Sorry naman Bi, nag-enjoy ang labi-dabi-duds mo eh!

Till my next The Spa experience :)

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