Jul 17, 2012

Polymer Clay Workshop and Polymer Clay Accessories

Last sunday, i went to my friend's house to see how their workshop went. She is a clayist and the one who creates those cute stuff. Bagay na bagay sa mga taong mahilig mag-butingting at mahaba ang pasensya.. hehe

She's teaching her 3 students in making Polymer Clay chibis'. Ako pang-gulo lang at nakikain. haha. As much as i want to do those stuff, hindi rin pwede samin because of Tami. Baka magulat na lang ako one time nilaro na nya yung Polymer Clay dun sa Playdoh ice cream machine nya. hehe

Let me show you around during the workshop and see if you want to make one or order to them :)

 Pasta Machine

Well i dont know if you can make Spaghetti noodles here.. haha. They're using this machine to flatten the clay. This machine looks like expensive but its not.

 The clayist work station doing Chibis

 Some Polymer Clays

Other things..

This stuff is used in making Polymer Clay Jewelries like earrings, rings, necklace etc..

Here are some products:

 Couples chibi in keychain type

 Couples chibi in Cellphone accesories type

 Other designs

School uniform design

These products can be offered to some events like weddings, birthdays, christening etc as souvenirs. you can also order or make one as your personal stuff like keychain, cellphone accesorries and lots of jewelry types.

My friends in Workshop:

This business is really profitable and enjoyable to those who are a stay at home mom or any individual who wants to have an extra income.

My friend is offering a workshop at an affordable price, this includes the Kit and she makes sure that you will learn how to make those stuff... Ituturo nya talaga lahat ng alam nya... Her parents cook so well so expect a free food from them.. Ako nga nag-lunch and merienda pa dun. Nasira talaga diet ko! hehe

If you want to inquire about the workshop or you want to order stuff, here are the contact details:

Clayist: Ayen
Cellphone #: 0927.3619721

or you can go to her FB page:

Don't forget to like her page :)

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