Jul 21, 2012

Gong Cha Time with Hubby's cousin

I was thrilled when i saw the newly opened Gong Cha in ATC's new wing when hubby and i was in ATC last time. Hubby's cousin accompany me yesterday to bring my stool in Healthway ATC for my medical checkup, we went to new wing after and hubby's cousin smells the aroma coming from Gong Cha so we went there and bought our drinks.

 Gong Cha's now all-around Asia

Its my second time to have Gong Cha so I recommend the Wintermelon Milk Tea for Ate Che because it was her first time so dapat house specialty para di ma-dissapoint agad. hehe.

I had naman that Earl Grey Milk Tea in the picture above. I was trying to have different flavor naman and it didn't dissapoint. My drink consists of Pearl, Pudding and Grass Jelly and i told to have the 70% Less Sugar because i want my drink to be empowered by tea instead of milk.

 Our Drinks

Left: Earl Grey Milk Tea for me
Right: Wintermelon Milk Tea for Ate Che

By the way, Ate Che is 7 mos pregnant, ok lang ba sa kanya yung Milk Tea?

 Like what i've said in my previous post about Gong Cha, im still sure of myself that Gong Cha is still the best and my number 1 milk tea. 

Without anything to do, we walk around and pass by the Home store area at the end of new wing. We went to Play and Display and other furnitures store in ATC to scout some cheap finds and inquire for our house.

We also saw this Red Door Candle store and Ate Che was enjoying her stay in that store, maybe because of the fragrant candles kaya type na type nya yun. She even bought this candle kasi Buy 1 Take 1. Perfect daw for our room because its scent spread when lighted.

 Love Potion Candle P100.00 and its Buy 1 Take 1

I lighted this candle last night so our room filled with the scent of the candle tapos ang lamig pa...

Muntik na nga kaming makabuo nyan! hahaha *joke*

Anyway, maganda rin pala yung may ganito sa room. Kasi nag-iiba yung mood because of the fragrance... Parang ang romantic din.. Yun lang dapat bantayan at baka mahagip ng curtains or ng blanket... Imbes na maenjoy ang gabi, baka maging disaster.. hehe

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