Jul 10, 2012

Gong Cha Milk Tea on Job Hunting

Last friday, i went with a friend to go job hunting. Wala kasi akong magawa sa bahay so i joined her going to Makati. She knew that i don't have plans of working soon and that i just want to go somewhere kasi super bored na ko sa house. I passed some resumes too in some companies and will just wait for their calls. Well hindi naman agad tatawag yung mga yun so i will enjoy na lang my vacation and hubby wishes that im going to get pregnant so soon :)

By the way, a week before leaving my previous company. I have series of checkups kasi kailangan sulitin ang HMO card.. hehe. One of my tests that i attended to is trans-v and im happy that im not polycystic anymore and its all normal. My OB was telling me that i am now ready to get pregnant... Kaya lang hindi pa ready ang bulsa namin.. haha

Gong Cha Milk Tea

While going around, i saw Gong Cha and immediately bought a Large Wintermelon Milk Tea to beat the scorching heat of the sun. It was my second time to try Gong Cha and i like it more from Tea Farm.. I don't know what's with Gong Cha pero iba talaga ang lasa nya.. I really crave for more Gong Cha Milk Teas.. Hello thousands of calories :(

Anyway, back to Job Hunting.. I have kwento and it really dissapoint me. We went to this company in The Fort and one of the HR talked to us. He got our resumes and talked in one of the rooms. He was asking some questions on why we are going to apply in their company and what is our expected salary. After talking with our current salary, he was shocked as to how big our salary compared to their accounts and that he turned us down and his reason was they cannot afford to offer the same or above our current salary. He was encouraging us to go look somewhere that will offer us good compensation package.

This really upset me because once and for all, I am with my previous company for years at talagang lalaki ng ganun ang salary ko because of my performance and tenureship. Its so hard to explain to them that you're not really after the job offer kasi eventually lalaki din naman yun in time eh. Kahit nga PhP15,000 ok na sakin eh... (Ang plastic! hahaha)  They turned us down without looking with our experience and achievements :(

Its not our lost anyway... International company pa naman.. Tsk. Tsk.

Will try again next time na maghanap ng work pag wala akong gagawin. For the meantime i will keep myself busy with my online store :-) 


  1. Hello! i just want to ask if it's difficult to apply in a call center job?? is there any age limit, experience required?

    if you don't mind can you give me an idea of how much is the salary bracket for this kind of job. I'm thinking of looking for a job right now & your response will surely give me a better idea.

    thanks in advance.

    Mitch ...

    1. Hi Mitch,

      For me, working in a call center is really a tough job. Not that is so hard but it is really stressful.. That's why working in a call center comes with a good compensation package :)

      About your question, You have to be ready in taking series of exams like Analytical, typing, Math, Grammar etc... (exams depends on the company) and interviews (initial and final) There's no age limit, no experience required as long as you can communicate well in English.

      Salary? Hhmm... Salary depends with the company and your call center work experience. You have to negotiate what you want versus their offer. Example is if you're a fresh grad, i guess they will offer at least 14k to 16k for basic + allowances + night differential :)

      The amount that i gave you is just an example ok? I came from an international company and work there for years so i really don't know the lowest offer now. What i heard is 16k is the basic now.

      Good luck!